Zebra Corporate Communications appoints as Guy Lane content adviser
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Zebra Corporate Communications announces that Guy Lane has joined Zebra as a content adviser; this will give clients best practice support for London-listed clients.

Guy was one of the founders of College Hill (now Instinctif Partners, an international business communications consultancy based in London). Guy was a partner at Instinctif Partners from 1997 to 2014.

Andrey Kozhevnikov, CEO, Zebra Corporate Communications:

“I’m delighted to have Guy on the team. With Guy’s help we can be sure the annual and sustainability reports and other communications projects will follow best practice and will engage international audiences. Guy will be enabling us to provide an even better service for our clients in terms of creative themes and execution.”

Guy Lane:

"A client told me once that I give the right shape to their communications. I liked that feedback. And for me, corporate reporting is a wonderful opportunity to give clients the right shape. I’m looking forward to doing just that for Zebra’s clients.

“My focus is on quality of content. And it’s great to know that Zebra is way ahead on user experience and production as well. The proprietary technology at Zebra means that clients get simultaneous production of PDF and mobile-friendly versions. Users benefit because they get the best user experience, whatever device they are using. And Zebra clients benefit enormously because they have only one production job, not two! So it cuts time and budget in half! Who wouldn’t want that?”

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Guy Lane

Guy was a partner at Instinctif Partners, an international business communications consultancy based in London, from 1997 to 2014. Guy led the creative team and during that period advised clients on brand, reporting and digital communications. Clients included Atkins, Carrefour, Coca-Cola, Costain, Eli Lilly, Eurasia Drilling, EuroChem, Old Mutual, Pasha Bank, Siemens UK, and others. Guy also advised AIM and other fast-growing, entrepreneurial companies. Since 2014, Guy has been the proprietor of GuyLaneCorp, a brand communications consultancy.

Guy studied philosophy and politics at the University of Kent, attended London Business School and obtained a diploma in direct marketing at Kingston University.

Guy Lane | LinkedIn

About Zebra Corporate Communications

Founded in 2000, Zebra Corporate Communications is an award-winning global leader in the field of digital corporate reporting. Zebra specialises in annual and ESG reports, as well as sustainable development and integrated reports.

Zebra is a one-stop shop and provides the same-day publication of reports in PDF, HTML and iXBRL/XHTML formats. Zebra delivers hassle-free and cost-effective report production by in-house experts, comprehensive consulting, and quality assurance.

Zebra’s core advantages are a combination of advanced proprietary technologies, an experienced in-house team, and great value-for-money.

Zebra’s services have gained international recognition, including over 500 awards by IR Magazine (UK), IR Society (UK), Corporate & Financial Awards (UK), Report Watch (UK), ARC (USA), Moscow Exchange (Russia), and many others.

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