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We are sure online reporting is the future, and that future has already begun. For 21 years, we have been helping companies prepare reports, and we can confidently say online reports are more useful and valuable than ever. Quite often, more people prefer reading reports in online format rather than in PDF.
The position of online reports is becoming more vital also due to the reduction in traditional events and the transfer of most corporate communications to online.
Our advantages
Best-in-class proprietary technologies
Proven value for companies and stakeholders
The same-day disclosure: PDF, HTML и iXBRL
Deep analysis of the performance
Recognition: over 500 awards at the international contests
Stages of online annual report production:

All stages of the online report and ESEF compliant report development go in parallel with the production of PDF, and as a result, all versions get ready on the same day

  • Communication strategy finalization
  • Adaptation of design concept
  • Adaptation of structure
  • Adaptation of content
  • Creation of additional content (video, audio, interactive objects, linked content).
  • Generation of customized or personalized content
  • Development of an interactive glossary and the formation of a system of contextual links
  • Development of the full HTML version of the report
  • Design
  • Integration
  • Digital IR tools integration (like Interactive Analysis, Build Your Report, Download Centres, etc.)
  • Filling with content
  • Testing
  • Launch: simulteneous disclosure of PDF and online versions
  • Targeted promotion to stakeholders
  • SEO improvement and social media promotion
  • Detailed report on efficiency
  • User experience analysis. Includes information on geography of the audience, what chapters are more popular, what content is in demand, from what devices your report is being read, etc.
How we create value by digital reporting
Value for the stakeholders

Zebra’s target audience are readers of online reports, who each have their own background and requirements regarding content interaction. Resulting from comprehensive analyses of reader behaviour and years’ worth of research, we are pleased to offer a high-quality service to all readers:

Our technologies enable a 100% match of the online report and the approved PDF version.
Our online reports are a carefully balanced combination of modern design, intuitive interface, and an extensive set of familiar tools — all of which enables streamlined user interaction with the content. A tutorial and a «help» system are provided for readers who are new to online reports.
Our online reports allow to significantly expand the content of the PDF version: now you can tell your story through interactive infographics, videos or interviews, visualise complex processes with augmented reality and animation, or allow the analyst to upload data in the desired compilation.
Our development standards guarantee the compatibility of online reports with all modern browsers running on all devices and platforms. We ensure availability of online reports, and a high level of reliability at 99.99%.
Value for the corporates:

Based on Zebra’s experience of publishing numerous online reports, customer surveys in UK, Europe and international countries — we have generated key values that our online reports can bring to customers.

The proprietary technology of content publication uniquely provides an almost instantaneous synchronisation of the annual report, in full, with its corresponding online report and iXBRL file.
Zebra acknowledges the extreme pressure our clients face during annual report preparations and have created our own project management system. The system seamlessly integrates our work into the existing projects of clients and has been developed to ease your workload. The new system minimises client involvement in the preparation of the online report, to ease the heavy workload.
Stakeholder insights gained from data collection and analysis are shared with our clients, thereby improving the credibility of data on report impact and reach, so that improvements to the report can be made more rapidly.
As many design agencies, we use a software that interacts with and drives our technologies, which makes it easy to collaborate with third party providers.
The online reports that Zebra produces are undoubtedly an advanced high-tech product; at the same time, our cost control policy aids in making our services affordable for a wide range of clients. Through an extensive range of available packages and options, we can offer highly affordable solutions to those who wish to present their first online report, as well as practical solutions for the most discerning and exacting clients.
Our customisation and personalisation tools provide more targeted solutions to fulfil the information needs of different stakeholder groups and sole readers, whose individual purposes have been accommodated for. The tools allow for precise highlighting of the users’ content of interest, thereby creating new content entities tailored to meet their specific needs.
Unique technologies of content synchronization for simalteneous publication
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