What we do
Annual reports
Zebra Corporate Communications is a leader in the field of digital reporting. We have been supporting companies in best practice annual report production for over 20 years. All stakeholders, including investors, analysts, shareholders, and employees, acclaim our reports. Most of the projects are award-winning.
Our advantages
Unique expertise:
over 800 projects,
20 years of experience
One-stop-shop: analysis,
copywriting, editing, design,
interactive, compliance
Simultaneous publication:
annual report gets ready on the same
day in all formats — PDF, HTML and iXBRL
Strong team:
over 80 professionals
Own cutting-edge
International recognition
at corporate communications contests
Stages of full circle
annual report production
Analysis and consulting
  • Analysis of previous annual reports, compliance with current legislation
  • Best practice benchmarking and peer benchmarking
  • Analysis of stakeholders needs and key themes identification
  • Content gap analysis
  • Consulting on the enhancement of information disclosure
  • Creation of narrative, theme, and key messaging concept
  • Creation of structure and preliminary pagination
Content development
  • Content creation based on the materials provided by the company
  • Additional data collection (through virtual interviews with top-management and questionnaires)
  • Analytical reading and work with the public sources
  • Additional check for compliance with regulatory requirements and modern standards
  • Literary editing and proofreading
Design and printing
  • Development of creative design concepts and layout in line with the narrative and key messaging
  • Creation of complex infographics, images editing and selection
  • Template creation
  • Layout
  • Proofreading
  • Creation of an interactive PDF and a PDF for print
  • Printing
Online report and ESEF compliant report

All stages of the online report and ESEF compliant report development go in parallel with the production of PDF, and as a result, all versions get ready on the same day

  • Development of the full HTML version of the report
  • Digital IR tools integration (like Interactive Analysis, Build Your Report, Download Centres, etc.)
  • Simultaneous disclosure of PDF and Online versions
  • Development of ESEF report (XHTML+iXBRL)
Trust and recognition
  • Participation in competitions and ratings of annual and sustainability reports
  • Interaction with the stakeholders
  • Feedback from the professional and expert community
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Cost and timing

The reference point for determining the timing of the annual report preparation is the date of the meeting of shareholders. Based on it, the draft annual report’s disclosure date and the terms for preparing the content are calculated. On average, work on content takes about three months, but the specific time frame will depend on the particular tasks, and the complete cycle of work can last about five months. At the same time, we always meet all the deadlines.

To determine the cost, we use a modular calculator that allows you to quickly form the required set of services with a high level of detail in the price of each type of work to prepare the annual report. Within a couple of hours after the request, the client receives a cost estimate. The price can be significantly adjusted for companies with the established practice of annual reports, by excluding work on primary information consolidation.


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